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Welcome to WindowsKey.Me Shop. In today's ever growing and diversifying software market, we understand the difficulty in finding a company with everything you as a consumer look for when making a purchasing decision. We guarantee authentic and legal full-version software, but also the most knowledgeable and responsive support team, and the best peace-of-mind shopping experience from beginning to end found anywhere in the software industry.

Your download link and product/Activation key for  products will arrive to your email address within minutes of your order,  whether it is during business hours, evenings, Holidays or on the weekends. But sometime need to 8 hours for delivery because if system has fraud checkout open !

Q: Is this a trial key or will the key expire?
A: No, this is not a trial key. The key will never expire.
Q: Where do the keys come from?
A: The keys are issued directly from Microsoft and only after payment is received.
Q: Will the key pass Microsoft Window Genuine Advantage (WGA)?
A: Yes, the key will pass WGA as the key is issued directly from Microsoft.
Q: Has the key ever been issued to anyone else or previously activated?
A: No, the key has never been issued to anyone else, nor has it been previously activated. Key is not retrieved from Microsoft system until such time as buyer purchases key.
Q: Will the key allow for product updates?
A: Yes, the key will allow for product updates for the  life of the computer or installation.
Q: Will the key allow for tech support from Microsoft?
A: Yes, the key will allow for telephone tech support  directly from Microsoft.

How to activate Windows 10 Product Key?

Before you begin, make sure to download and install correct edition of Windows 10. Activate with following steps after the installation is complete:

1. Go to ‘Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > System‘ and click ‘Activate Windows‘ or ‘Change Product Key‘.

2. Click ‘Activation‘ and enter the Product Key you bought. Now your Windows 10 has been successfully activated.

To check activation status in Windows 10, select the Start button, then select Settings > Update & security > Activation.

Windows 10 Professional Product Key 32/64Bit And Free Download

Windows 10 Professional Product Key 32/64Bit And Free Download

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